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Oldsmobile Celebrity Circle, September 26, 1996

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OnlineHost: Born in Sherman Oaks, CA, and raised in New York City, Jennifer Aniston is a versatile actress who was exposed to acting at an early age by her father, John Aniston, who stars on NBC's daytime drama "Days of Our Lives" and her godfather, the late Telly Savalas. Welcome!

AOLiveMC10: Welcome to America Online and AOL Live, Jennifer Aniston.

JnfrAnistn: Hi!

AOLiveMC10: Jennifer, we have lots of questions for you, so let's dive right in. Here's our first question from Riddler29:

Question: Someone told me were on "Quantum Leap" one time, is that true?

JnfrAnistn: Yes. About 3 years ago.

AOLiveMC10: VWestf528 asks:

Question: How did you get your career started, and at what age?

JnfrAnistn: Well, I went to a high school of the performing arts and I started pursuing right out of there.

AOLiveMC10: RachelJoe asks:

Question: Hello. I have a "Friends" club on line. How do you feel about your publicity on line?

JnfrAnistn: I think it's great. Thank you.

AOLiveMC10: LoraJ asks:

Question: Question for Jennifer: It is no secret that David Schwimmer wants Ross and Rachel to break up. What do you think of their relationship?

JnfrAnistn: David doesn't want us to break up! A question was asked, "Where do you see the relationship going?" and that was sort of one of the avenues it could take. There's lots of possibilities than can be explored. They just neglected to print his other suggestions.

AOLiveMC10: Mikecrazy asks:

Question: What are your future plans besides doing "Friends?"

JnfrAnistn: Well, hopefully, to continue doing movies and maybe get back to doing some theater.

AOLiveMC10: Laurie118 asks:

Question: Where in New York did you grow up? "Hi" from Laurie in NJ, and "Friends" is my favorite show!!

JnfrAnistn: Thank you, and I grew up on the Upper West Side.

AOLiveMC10: Cowboy651 asks:

Question: Are you single?

JnfrAnistn: No.

AOLiveMC10: Sk8ing4fun asks:

Question: Hi Jennifer! What's up? One question: for your last b'day, I sent you a poem that took me a long time to write and it was very special to me. Do you think there is any way you may have gotten it? If it helps, my name is Rachel and I am 16 from NY.

JnfrAnistn: I'm sure I got it, and hopefully you'll be getting something soon. And thank you.

AOLiveMC10: DLT8 asks:

Question: Are your TV parents anything like your real parents?

JnfrAnistn: Absolutely not.

AOLiveMC10: Jbke asks:

Question: Hi. I am an 11 year old girl named Dana, and I tape every episode of "Friends" since the first one. I know every line from every show. You and Chandler are my favorite. I also want to be an actress. You have any suggestions for me?

JnfrAnistn: Really think about what a life of an actress entails, which is a lot of hard work, and really study, and don't give up.

AOLiveMC10: Ayeti asks:

Question: Hi Jennifer. I just thought I would ask about the Rolling Stone cover. How did you feel about doing that and what exactly was the point of it? This question is not to be taken offensively, but rather just out of my own curiosity. :)

JnfrAnistn: Well, there was a lot involved in doing the cover, but in hindsight, I feel pretty good about it.

AOLiveMC10: PennePoll asks:

Question: Jennifer, do you have any changes for your hair? Is there anything exciting going on at the set of "Friends?"

JnfrAnistn: Well, as you know, hair grows, so that's a change, and nothing out of the ordinary. We're still just having fun.

AOLiveMC10: TreDay07 asks:

Question: What types of music do you like to listen to?

JnfrAnistn: All kinds.

AOLiveMC10: BuffBoy9 asks:

Question: How did you like growing up in New York?

JnfrAnistn: I loved growing up in New York. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. It was exciting and it keeps you on your toes.

AOLiveMC10: Here's another from TreDay07:

Question: Do you hang out with the other cast mates when you are not on the set, or do you just talk to them on the set of "Friends?"

JnfrAnistn: Yeah, we definitely socialize out of work. We have great relationships with each other, which I think makes the show all the better, the fact that we're actually friends.

AOLiveMC10: For late arrivals, we're talking with actress, Jennifer Aniston. Keljoe asks:

Question: Jennifer, any chance of you and Tate together on-screen?

JnfrAnistn: I certainly hope so. It would be really fun to work together. I think he's a great actor.


Question: Hi, Jennifer. I' m a big fan of yours and was wanting to find out how I would go about getting a autographed photo?

JnfrAnistn: Send a letter to Warner Brothers, ATTN: Friends.

AOLiveMC10: Barbi Hal asks:

Question: Was that a real tattoo that you got on the show, or was it fake?

JnfrAnistn: Hmmm... No, it was fake. I'm tattoo-less.

AOLiveMC10: BuffBoy9 asks:

Question: How did you find out about auditioning for "Friends?"

JnfrAnistn: First of all, where does "Buffboy" come from? And secondly, I just got a call from my agent.


Question: So, Jennifer, how old are you? Not to be rude...just a question.

JnfrAnistn: I'm 27, and it's not rude.

AOLiveMC10: ILuvFrends asks:

Question: I guess I'm here a little early. Anyway, let's get right to the important stuff. Did you create "The DO", or did "The DO" create who you are?

JnfrAnistn: It was a haircut. I went in and I said to him, "I want something different," and who knew?

AOLiveMC10: LFlynn884 asks:

Question: Any wedding plans in the future for you and Ross?

JnfrAnistn: Just keep watching, and you will see!

AOLiveMC10: TreDay07 asks:

Question: Do you think that Ross and Rachel will ever get into a fight?

JnfrAnistn: I hope so, since we try to create situations as close to real life as possible, and that's what relationships go through.

AOLiveMC10: KittyCat4 asks:

Question: Ms. Aniston, is it hard to distinguish between your characters on "Friends" and the real people on your show? Are there any resemblances between them?

JnfrAnistn: Some of them. I mean, when you're on a show this long, and with these people as much as we are together, you tend to bring your own essence to the character. I'd have to say the closest one to his character is Matt Perry, and Courtney is a neat freak, and thank God, because my dressing room would be a mess if it weren't for her.

AOLiveMC10: AllieCat7 asks:

Question: What do you like to do in your free time?

JnfrAnistn: And free time again is...? Relax.

AOLiveMC10: Bossk23 asks:

Question: Do you like your job?

JnfrAnistn: I love my job. I thank God that I get paid for what I love to do.

AOLiveMC10: AprilElly asks:

Question: Hi, Jennifer! I was wondering...did you ever audition for a show called "Down the Shore" on Fox a couple years ago? It was very similar to "Friends," I think.

JnfrAnistn: No, I never did.

AOLiveMC10: BKenn4315 asks:

Question: Just wanted to say you a great actress! Do you have a fan club?

JnfrAnistn: Thank you! I think so.

AOLiveMC10: Gumby1005 asks:

Question: I read somewhere that you may be in a movie with Keanu Reeves. Is this true, and can you give us some info on it?

JnfrAnistn: No, and no. If you know something I don't, let me know.

AOLiveMC10: AprilElly asks:

Question: Did you ever imagine how much attention would be given to your hair style, and has any of that ever bugged you?

JnfrAnistn: I had no idea that much attention could revolve around a haircut. Sometimes it bugs you, but only because attention is being paid to your hair as opposed to your work.

AOLiveMC10: Audreyles asks:

Question: My question for Jennifer is: Is her father at all envious of her stardom, or is he just a proud pop?

JnfrAnistn: Absolutely a proud pop.

AOLiveMC10: LILAngel3 asks:

Question: Jennifer, how was it growing up with an actor as a father. By the way, I love him as Victor Kiriakas. I have been a fan of "Days of Our Lives," and remembered when he came to the show.

JnfrAnistn: It's great. It gives you the advantage of getting advice...and I will pass on the word that you are a fan. Thank you.

AOLiveMC10: Pds244 asks:

Question: Hi Jennifer. Just want to know, how do you do it? Acting I mean. What inspires you? Do you really become the character? How do you become so believable, natural?

JnfrAnistn: Wow. That's a hard question. I don't know how I do it. It's just a part of your DNA, I guess. You have to really want to do it, and I become the character by just really playing the game "as if," and trying to live in that body as best you can. The best part about acting is the challenges that are presented in front of you. And it's rare to have the opportunity of a television show, which allows you to really take the time to create a character over years, as opposed to just a couple of months at a time. I'm kind of fortunate that way with "Rachel."

AOLiveMC10: For late arrivals, we're talking with actress, Jennifer Aniston. Libran136 asks:

Question: What is your secret for staying so fit?

JnfrAnistn: It's hard work and just staying focused, and realizing that it's not about staying's about staying healthy and fit. Too much emphasis gets focused on being thin, and that's not healthy. But I know it's hard in our society, when so much focus is placed on that.

AOLiveMC10: LilAngel3 asks:

Question: What's it like to be all of a sudden a celebrity?

JnfrAnistn: It's wild. It's scary. It's fun. It's so many things! But it's definitely not what everybody thinks it is. It's not all glamorous, at all.

AOLiveMC10: Audreyles asks:

Question: Would Jennifer like to come to dinner at my house if she is ever in the area. My 9 year old son has the biggest crush on her. He says she's even better than steak.

JnfrAnistn: Wow, that's the best compliment I've heard all day!

AOLiveMC10: JLmeister asks:

Question: Question from JLmeister: Hi Jennifer. Are you usually on AOL, or just for tonight? Also, do you answer your fan mail?

JnfrAnistn: I am on AOL, and yes, I answer my fan mail. It takes a while sometimes, so be patient. Not because there's so much, but because I can be lazy, and I'm sorry!

AOLiveMC10: RachelJoe asks:

Question: When and why did you decide to become an actress?

JnfrAnistn: When I was about 11, I decided. I knew that's what I wanted to do.

AOLiveMC10: Wcinusa asks:

Question: Jennifer, what has been the most embarrassing moment on "Friends?"

JnfrAnistn: Let's see... I'd say when David Schwimmer, without my knowing, put cream cheese on a telephone that I had to pick up, and then I did the rest of the scene with cream cheese all over my face. Pretty boring stuff, huh?

AOLiveMC10: Libran136 asks:

Question: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

JnfrAnistn: Good question. I just asked myself that not too long ago. Hopefully, still working as an actress, and hopefully, producing, maybe even directing, raising a family.

AOLiveMC10: DBrown911 asks your advice:

Question: Would you rather live on the West Coast or East Coast? I'm thinking of relocating to LA area from Boston area.

JnfrAnistn: Depends on why you have to move to L.A. I love the East Coast. If I could live there as well as here, I would, so if you don't have to move to L.A., don't.

AOLiveMC10: Pds244 asks:

Question: So, give us the dirt on Tate. Are you in love with him? Is he a sweetie? Tell all!

JnfrAnistn: Yes, I'm in love with him. Yes, he's a sweetie, and I'm not gonna tell anything!

AOLiveMC10: Libran136 asks:

Question: How was it like making "She's the One?"

JnfrAnistn: It was one of my most favorite memories of being an actress. To go to NY and do a movie with wonderful people and a really fun role. What more can you ask for?

AOLiveMC10: Pigpen21 asks:

Question: Jennifer, what's your favorite color?

JnfrAnistn: Well, Pigpen (great name!)

AOLiveMC10: ERuhlin asks:

Question: How different is it to act in a movie then your regular series "Friends?"

JnfrAnistn: It's different. The scheduling is different, the hours, hours, hours... I don't know how else to say. It's just a more concentrated period of time to do a piece of work. It's harder in some aspects, and it's easier in some aspects.

AOLiveMC10: Jonas37 asks:

Question: Are you happy with the way "She's the One" turned out?

JnfrAnistn: Yes.

AOLiveMC10: COCOChane asks:

Question: What college did you go to?

JnfrAnistn: I didn't go to college. I went to NYU night school, but I was pursuing acting pretty immediately out of high school.

AOLiveMC10: PJHOSE asks:

Question: Jennifer, are all 6 of the "Friends" signed up for another contract?

JnfrAnistn: Yes. I hope so! No, of course we are!

AOLiveMC10: For late arrivals, we're talking with actress, Jennifer Aniston. T jake 20 asks:

Question: Hi Jennifer. Could you tell us about your upcoming movie "Til There Was You?" What is it about and when does it come out? Thank you.

JnfrAnistn: It's up in the air when it's coming out. They're talking about the spring.

AOLiveMC10: LilAngel3 asks:

Question: Did you have any idea that "Friends" would become such a hit?

JnfrAnistn: No, because you never do. You never know when a show is going to work or when it's not going to work. I had a good feeling, though, that this was a special piece, so I was definitely praying that it would.

AOLiveMC10: BGoldsm84 asks:

Question: Jennifer, what was the first film you made?

JnfrAnistn: No comment. Ha ha.

AOLiveMC10: JonP133y asks:

Question: Jen, I almost had two wrecks today. I heard that you were a accident-prone driver yourself. Any comments?

JnfrAnistn: Now, where on earth would you hear something like that? Hmmm.... I've been in one accident my entire life, and it was two weeks after I got my driver's license.

AOLiveMC10: NCBeachNUT asks:

Question: Hi Jennifer. Thanks for joining us. I think you're TERRIFIC ! What has been the most difficult moment in your career?

JnfrAnistn: First of all, thank you, and, secondly, I would have to say all of the unnecessary and untruthful publicity that's been circling around our negotiations.

AOLiveMC10: Reel30 asks:

Question: Hi, Jennifer. What do you look for in a boyfriend or husband?

JnfrAnistn: Personality and humor, most important.

AOLiveMC10: JSANDOR12 asks:

Question: How do you feel about nudity in film?

JnfrAnistn: Only if it's necessary. I haven't had to cross that bridge yet, so I haven't had to deal with it.

AOLiveMC10: JAniston2 asks:

Question: How do you like doing love scenes on the show?

JnfrAnistn: Well, "Friends" isn't really known for its love scenes, but kissing David Schwimmer isn't so bad.

AOLiveMC10: JenniferG asks:

Question: When is the next "Friends" CD coming out?

JnfrAnistn: I don't think there is one, but you could know something that I don't know.

AOLiveMC10: Bubba234 asks:

Question: Are you on the Internet at all?

JnfrAnistn: Sometimes.

AOLiveMC10: From KC020:

Question: I'd like to ask Jennifer: Would you like to see another "Friends" coupled paired?

JnfrAnistn: It would be great!

AOLiveMC10: AnnieT Soul asks:

Question: I think you are great on the show, but I heard you were not going to take the part of Rachel originally. Is this true?

JnfrAnistn: No, it's not quite true. I was asked to read for the role of Monica, and then, having read the script, felt I was more right for the role of Rachel.

AOLiveMC10: Leekwan asks:

Question: Jennifer, how did you get involved in "She's the One?" Were you approached or did you seek out the part?

JnfrAnistn: A little bit of both. It came at a time when doing a movie wasn't really a question because we were just beginning our season of "Friends." But I really wanted to do the part, but our producers and the studio made it possible for me to do it on our hiatuses that come every few weeks.

AOLiveMC10: DouglasEi asks:

Question: Have you done a live online event like this before, and do you think it's weird?

JnfrAnistn: No, and no! It's fun.

AOLiveMC10: Libran136 asks:

Question: If you were not an actor what would you be?

JnfrAnistn: Hmmm. A psychiatrist.

AOLiveMC10: Allese asks:

Question: Do you like the fact that people try to imitate your hair style?

JnfrAnistn: I don't think they're doing that anymore.

AOLiveMC10: We have time for one more question. BbyBp asks:

Question: Besides working with good-looking guys regularly on "Friends," how did you like working with the shows gorgeous guest stars over the past two seasons: Clooney, Wyle, Van Damme & Selleck.

JnfrAnistn: What do you think? I ain't complaining!

OnlineHost: All good things must come to an end. Time is up for this event. Any closing comments, Jennifer?

JnfrAnistn: Thanks for all the questions. I hope to come back again. Keep watching the show! We really love our fans, and need them. And I guess that's it!

AOLiveMC10: Thank you for joining us tonight, Jennifer Aniston, and thank you to our audience members for being here.

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