Jennifer Aniston from GMTV- June 1998

Much thanks to Michael for sending this interview to me :)

Helen: Hello there. Well, the World Cup may be over for England and
Scotland, but France is still buzzing with the competition. I think I
must be the only one here not here for the football, and if people were
to find out who I'm about to meet, then I dare say there'd be a few
football fans who'd abandon their matches. She's the one friend they'd
all like to take home.

[Clip from opening sequence]

JA: It's truly like brothers and sisters, and a deep love there. We love
what we do, we love going to work, we love doing the show and making it
the best that it can be. It's just fun.

[Clip from "TOW the Jellyfish" (I think)]

H: There must be lots and lots of upsides to...
JA: Oh, there's nothing but upsides.
H: But are there downsides as well, are the downsides of, you know, you
loose your anonymity for example?
JA: Of course, yeah the big ones are your anonymity and your privacy.
Your private life is picked apart and scrutinized and speculated upon
and stories made up about you and people sit there and probe you and
it's like, it's wild. It's a very weird thing.
H: How do you feel about all the pictures of you and Brad Pitt and the
speculation about romance? What's the truth behind that?
JA: We're friends, and that's like, you become single and everyone wants
to peg you with somebody. I mean, I've been matched up with people I've
never even met! It's just, it's unfortunate but it also comes with the
dinner and it's part of it and you have a good laugh about it, and
that's all.
H: So no romance there.
JA: No..
[They both chuckle]

[Clip from The Object of my Affection]

H: What was it that particularly caught your eye about "The Object of my
Affection" and made you want to become involved?
JA: The complexity of the story, of the characters, It didn't wrap
itself up in sort of a Hollywood ending, you know, it was kind of just
real and a gay character was represented as a human being, you know, a
real man. A lot in there.

[Another clip - "You slept with a girl!"]

H: How did you get on with your dancing lessons?
JA: I was very impatient, because I was not very good at it. Paul was as
bad as I was, so we goofed around too much, but somehow we managed to
get to a place where we kind of looked like we knew what we were doing.
H: You were working with one of our great British favourite actors,
Nigel Hawthorn.
JA: Oh my God!
H: How did you get on with him?
JA: He was the goofiest, silly, dirty, wonderful human being on the
planet. I have to say that was one of my favourite scenes, was our
thanksgiving scene. I mean, I could literally sit and listen to him
reading the phonebook and I would be very happy.
H: You didn't though, presumably?
JA: No I didn't, but I also didn't ask, so maybe I'll ask him sometime.

[clip from the Loreal advert]

H: The trademark that we can't ignore...
JA: Don't talk about my hair. [They laugh] That haircut has been around
for four years, let it die!! It's not as if it was the first time I'd
ever seen this haircut. Plus, I walked out of that hair salon
practically in tears thinking "I don't know what the hell he did to my
hair. I'm wearing a hat for like, a year. And that's the ironic part of
it all, suddenly everyone starts talking about it.
H: But you still do the shampoo ads, so that helps perpetuate it!
JA: Don't look like that haircut, that's all I'm saying!

[Final clip from same ad: "Cause I'm worth it"]

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