Jennifer on Howie Mandel - June 26 1998

Transcribed by: Sandra Prusina

 Howie: Thank you for being here!
 Jennifer: My pleasure.
 H: You're.. you're my first!
 J: Wow!
 H: Be gentle with me!
 J: I think we should have a hug, don't you think, just for that moment!
 H: My wife is in the green room--
 J: Where?
 H: Honey, this is strictly professional!
 J: Just for luck! Just for luck!
 J: Okay, this is obviously your first show and I am honored to be your first
 guest because I think you're awesome!
 H: Thank you!
 J: And um.. isn't he awesome?
 H: Did you see me walk up?
 J: I did see you walk up! It was brilliant, I don't think anyone's done it
 H: Thank you!
 J: Ehh!
 H: What is that?
 J: This is just a little treat for you to say Here's to many many many years
 of wonderful--
 H: Thank you! It's a chaffon thing..
 J: It's a chaffon..
 H: Well... should I open it?
 J: Yeah open it!
 H: Okay, I'll open it, opening it, I'm opening it now...
 J: You're opening it!
 H: Is it a.. is it an album?
 J: Don't shake it don't shake it DON'T SHAKE IT!
 H: Okay, okay, is it.. oh wow! Oh wow! Oh my God, I don't know if you can see
 this.. no this is reeeallly nice! Look at this.. it says "Hey Howie, will you
 be.. my neurotic friend? Love, Jennifer"
 J: Now you have to keep that on your desk!
 H: I will! I feel bad..
 J: Why?
 H: Because I didn't know you were getting me something..
 J: You didn't know?!
 H: Oh, actually, I did know, and here! <hands her the stuff that Jay Leno gave him, including flowers.>
 J: Oh, thank you! Did you hand pick these all yourself?
 H: Yeah! And those are chocolates!
 J: Oh my Lord!
 H: Half eaten..
 J: You ate some on the way over?
 H: I do, I do! Now, this is new for me, so, do you get nervous doing these
 J: Uhh.. yeah! Sure!
 H: Are you nervous now?
 J: I'm actually okay! Now that I'm here.
 H: Okay! But you do a lot of talk shows have you ever been in this room
 J: This is.. this is the..
 H: Howard Brown.
 J: Right?
 H: Yes.
 J: It is! This was always the dream.
 H: You dreamt of doing Johnny Carson?
 J: Well, Carson! I mean, you're a little kid, growing up, and you're watching,
 mesmerized, and you're just thinking 'Well, maybe someday..' you know..
 H: Were you ever on the Johnny Carson show?
 J: Nooo! Nooo! I was waitressing when the Johnny Carson show was on!
 H: Really?
 J: Yeah! Wow, it is kind of like a swooping thing, though!
 H: Yes, we're swooping here! Are you a Bob Hope fan?
 J: Oh I LOVE Bob Hope! I actually got to meet Bob Hope recently!
 H: You met him? I've never met him. What was he like?
 J: It was wild. Well... he's.. Bob Hope!
 H: Right, therefore..
 J: he's Bob Hope!
 H: You know what? With that description, when I close my eyes, I feel like
 he's right here with us! When you met him, did you talk to him?
 J: Well, the only thing we actually did, we were taking a photograph with him,
 and the cast, and he was sort of, mumbling stuff and then all of a sudden he
 just blurted out, "FRIEEEENDS! EHHH? FRIEEEENDS!" And
 that was like what we said!
 H: How do you answer that?
 J: "Well, that's right!"
 H: Well, you had a conversation with Bob!
 J: I had a conversation with Bob!
 H: Now I understand your family is in showbusiness, your father is of course
 John Aniston.
 H: And your mother is a model.
 J: Was a model, yes. Actually, an actress and then a model, she couldn't stand
 the rejection!
 H: Of modeling?
 J: No, acting.
 H: Well I thought there would be more rejection in modeling... did she just
 walk into a room, turn and leave all the time?
 J: What did you just say?
 H: I said, did she walk into a room, turn around and leave all the time?
 J: Yeah, just pivots, she would just pivot.
 H: You know, cuz models walk into a room, show off what they're wearing, and
 J: Yeah, that's how she served dinner.
 H: Now, I also heard that you have a very famous godfather.
 J: Yes, I do, I did! Yeah, Telly Savalas. All the Greeks.
 H: You're Greek?
 J: Yup.
 H: Who loves ya, baby?
 J: Who loves ya, baby!
 H: I didn't know you were Greek, Aniston doesn't sound like a Greek name.
 J: Oh, actually it's Anastassakis
 H: It's what?
 J: Anastassakis.
 H: Anastas--asskiss?
 J: Anastas-asskiss!
 H: Anastasasskiss, that's you?
 J: Ha, that's me!
 H: So you shortened it.
 J: Yeah, well they changed it when my grandfather, when they all came over.
 H: I shortened my name too.
 J: Did you really? What was it before, Howie Mandelin?
 H: It used to be Mandellllllllllllllll. So anyways, are you busy?
 J: Yeah. I mean you know, I'm relaxing! I'm enjoying the little vacation.
 H: Do you date?
 J: Nope.
 H: No dates?
 J: Nope!
 H: Not for me, I'm not asking.
 J: Are you asking for a date?
 H: No, no, well I'm not allowed to!
 J: Oh, you're not, that's right!
 H: I'm a married guy!
 J: You're actually right, forgive me, Jesus, what is happening to me?
 H: She said no dating! In fact, I have a post-it note on me--
 J: No dating! Things to do-- No dating!
 H: I'm asking for the guys in the band! Because I try to live vicariously
 through single people. I've been married for about 20 years, with three kids.
 J: I commend that!
 H: Thank you, I'm not used to everything you say, getting applause..
 J: Everything!
 H: So I try to live vicariously through single people who are doing other
 things.. we just stay at home, last night we stayed home with the uh.. with
 the uh.. kids..
 J: Kids, right.
 H: And the wife and she rented movies.
 J: Kids.
 H: You know their names! I don't have names for them yet. I'm waiting for them
 to grow up, and they'll tell me what to call them. But you know what? I stayed
 home, my wife rents tapes, that's what I did last night.
 J: Did you? Ohh, that's wonderful! That's the best kind of evening!
 H: It is the best thing. We watched umm... Legends Of The Fall last night.
 J: Yeah.
 H: You like that tape?
 J: .... yeah.
 H: So does my wife.
 J: Yeah.
 H: We see it a lot.
 J: Yeah.
 H: She likes Thelma and Louise, too.
 J: Oh yeah.  I would just stop, right now.
 H: You want me to stop?
 J: Yeah.
 H: Okay, just.. inquiring minds wanna know!
 J: A ha ha, oh yeah!
 H: Is that weird that--
 J: Wow, I can't believe you just did that!
 H: You can't believe I did that?
 J: I can't believe it!
 H: I'm just learning!
 J: <garbs his cards> That wasn't in our pre-interview!!!
 H: Is that weird, though, that people even care about what you're doing  privately?
 J: Well, sure, I mean, although, you know, it's curiousity, I get it. I get it.
 H: You get people like, stalking you, wanting to know every move?
 J: It doesn't happen but uh.. that I don't quite get, no.
 H: Do you get people following you into the supermarket, things like that?
 J: There have been times when that's happened, yeah.
 H: And how do you deal with that?
 J: You just do! I don't know, Howie! You kinda go with the flow..
 H: You go with the flow? There's an actual flow of people following you to the supermarket?
 J: Yeah, exactly, just swimmin' along with them! And sometimes they get lost
 in the crowd and they lose you and then they "Ohh where is she Oh what
 H: Well that's it. Do you ever wear disguises? Have you ever gone out in a
 J: A couple times I've actually done a wig. Just for fun.
 H: Really? But with you, you've got to be worried about that because you can
 put on a wig, people see you with a wig, and then America's wearing a wig! You
 know what I want to say to you?
 J: What?
 H: I want to say that you are absolutely adorable.
 J: Thank you.
 H: You are talented, and I can't, you know what? People come on these talk
 shows because they have something to plug. And you have a very busy schedule,
 I know you just finished Mike Judge's-
 J: I have nothing to plug!
 H: No, no! Don't laugh at that, no, she just did a movie with Mike Judge in
 J: Yeah I did, that was fun.
 H: The creator of Hank Hill, and FRIENDS is coming up for a new season, and
 you're off to Europe, you're gonna do another movie, and I think the coolest
 thing is that you'd just come here, and spend time with me just to sit and
 talk with me, and be here for me.
 J: I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Brought to you by: Sandra's Jennifer Aniston Tribute