E! Online Star Boards - Jennifer Aniston

                       She's the friend we love to imitate, whether for
                       her hairstyle, her outfits or the flirtatious way
                       she whines, "Ro-oss." Yes, it's more than
                       official: America is in love with Jennifer

                       Amazingly, through all the hype, the daughter of
                       soap veteran John Aniston (Days of Our Lives) has
                       somehow remained grounded: dating the same
                       guy--actor Tate Donovan--for more than a year and
                       choosing her feature projects extra carefully.
                       While some of her costars jumped at top billing,
                       Aniston opted for supporting roles in smaller
                       films (Edward Burns' She's the One).

                       But this summer, the native New Yorker throws
                       caution to the wind and takes the lead. Aniston
                       stars in Fox's romantic comedy, Picture Perfect,
                       opposite Kevin Bacon and soon-to-be-household-name
                       Jay Mohr (aka Tom Cruise's foil in Jerry Maguire).
                       And so the pressure is on to see if America's
                       television sweetheart can stand her own at the

                       Judging from the eager questions we got from you,
                       Aniston can breathe a sigh of relief. But before
                       you rush out to catch her on the big screen, we've
                       got her here on the other small screen.

                      From beagleboy: Describe a typical night with
                       Jennifer Aniston?
                       Well, I work during the day, then head home for
                       dinner and study lines for the next day. Not so
                       glamorous, huh?

                       From vulken: Before you became famous, did you
                       have to work any odd jobs? If so, what was the
                       worst job and what was the best?
                       I was a waitress in a restaurant on the Upper West
                       Side. Depending on the day, it was the worst and
                       best job I ever had.


                       From scottswan: What type of music do you
                       listen to?
                       Aerosmith, U2, Counting Crows and Sarah McLachlan.


                       From sclover: What is your favorite all-time
                       movie and your favorite movie of this summer?
                       I really love Wuthering Heights and Fame. As for
                       this summer, I haven't had time to see many films,
                       but I did really like My Best Friend's Wedding.


                       From stephm: What book is on your nightstand at
                       the moment?
                       Angela's Ashes.


                       From tedra: What did you do for fun during your
                       Friends hiatus?
                       I took a bike tour of Provence, France, for two
                       weeks and had a blast. Then I had to go directly
                       to work on Object of My Affection, which we are
                       currently filming in New York.


From angewh: Of all the episodes of Friends,
                       which is your favorite and why?
                       I have so many it's hard to pick, but I love the
                       episode where Ross and Rachel break up, as well as
                       the one where they get together.


                       From wranglers: Are you and Ross going to get
                       back together?
                       I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon when I go
                       back to work.


                       From smoocat: What's it like to wake up and
                       see your face pasted everywhere and have people
                       discussing your love life or your hairstyle?
                       It is always weird to see yourself onscreen or in
                       magazines. It's almost as if the image I see is
                       another person and not the real me I know. The
                       intrusion on my personal life does sometimes get
                       to me, but I realize it comes with the job.

                       From saysie: What outgoing message do you leave
                       on your answering machine at home?


                       From shonda: What kinds of clothes do you like
                       to wear in real life?
                       Very casual. I have to be comfortable in
                       them--jeans, long skirts, T-shirts and sweatpants.


From rchlrules: What do you like to do in your
                       spare time?
                       Hang out with my boyfriend, friends and
                       puppy--also, catch up with my family.


                       From bronwenijbs: Do you ever get the chance
                       to go online? If so, do you ever lurk in chat
                       rooms or check out the Web pages dedicated to you
                       and Friends?
                       Yes, and it's always fun to see what everyone has
                       to say. When I first started browsing, I became
                       addicted. Now I don't have the time to "surf" like
                       I used to.


                       From smiley345: What's your favorite type of

                       From potsy: If you found a time machine with
                       only two buttons--one that would put you 100 years
                       in the future and one that would put you 100 years
                       in the past--which would you push and why?
                       I would go 100 years in the future, because I am
                       confident that we as a human race will eventually
                       get our act together and make this planet a better
                       place. If we went 100 years back, I think I would
                       miss a lot of our modern-day conveniences.


                       From mariarose: If you weren't acting, what
                       profession would you be in and why?
                       Honestly, I can't imagine not acting. It's what
                       inspires me and makes me happy--even before
                       Friends. And now the success of the show has
                       allowed me to do other projects.


                       From daysfan: Do you think you and your dad
                       will ever work together? Would you want to work
                       with him?
                       Absolutely. Maybe someday we will find a project
                       to work on together.