Shout Magazine - October 1999
 The Real Rachel
Swot up on your fave FRIEND Jennifer Aniston because she's worth it.

* Jennifer was born in Sherman Oaks, California, and brought up in New York City. She also spent a year of her childhood living in Greece but nowadays Jen lives in Los Angeles - that's when she's not visiting boyfriend Brad Pitt's ranch in Austin, Texas.
* Jennifer's first acting experience was aged 11, at the Rudolph Steiner School's drama club. She then moved on to New York's High School of the Performing Arts to study drama. After graduating she won her first television role in a comedy show called Molloy, back in 1989. Five sitcoms followed then Jen was invited to audition for FRIENDS.
* Jennifer admits to being the class clown at drama school and was thrown out of class for trying to make her classmates laugh during serious scene rehearsals.
* Her least favourite school subject was PE One day when her school basketball team was a player short Jen had to stand in as a last minute replacement. Unfortunately as she ran onto the court, Jen tripped and sprained her ankle!
* Jennifer has a real life group of 12 FRIENDS in Los Angeles that she's known since she moved there ten years ago. She says they're like her own special L.A family and that they help keep her feet on the ground.
* According to Jennifer, Matt Perry is the funniest FRIEND, thanks to his remote controlled rude noise machine! Jennifer says Matt's always catching out the rest of the cast with his crazy practical jokes.
* Although Jennifer has one of the most famous hairstyles in the world she used to suffer hair hell. She had curly while all her pals had straight and Jen wished she could be the same.
* Jennifer says what she looks for in a boyfriend is, "Kindness, good manners and a good sense of humour" Let's hope Brad measures up!
* Jennifer met Brad for the first time in May last year but only admitted whom her new boyfriend was at the beginning of 1999 after one newspaper claimed the couple had secretly married!
* We've heard that the most horrible rumour Jennifer's ever heard about her was that she'd had cosmetic surgery!
* Modest Jen hates watching her own movies because she reckons her head looks way too big!
* Workaholic Jennifer's favourite way to spend a night in is in front of her computer returning e-mails, while she munches her way through a bag of yummy tortilla chips with yummy dips.
* Romantic Brad recently sent Jen a huge bunch of flowers! The note attached read: "Without you I am nothing. Love is wonderful." No wonder she's mad about him!
* FRIENDS studio bosses couldn't believe it when Jennifer interrupted a high level meeting to answer an emergency telephone call. It turns out Brad wanted the recipe for mousakka so he could prepare dinner. He figured Jennifer's Greek family background made her an expert!
* Jennifer's the youngest and only unmarried FRIENDS girl! She was 30 on February 11th. Courteney Cox is 35 and was married to her SCREAM co-star David Arquette in June. Lisa Kudrow is 34 and married French advertising whiz Michael Stern in 1995. Lisa had a son, Julian last year.

Much thanks to Clare!