Now! Magazine (UK) - Best Jennifer Aniston Site - January 22 '00

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about this! Thanks to Kirsty for the scan!

Go Entertainment Review -
Rated 3 Stars
Fun-filled site includes updated news, Rachel's Quote of the Week, Rachel trivia, picture gallery,voting booth, articles & interviews and more.

Sunday Mirror -
Rated #9 on the list of the best 20 Celebrity Sites on the Net
"Excellent shots.  Slickest site of the lot."
"Too much news about Friends, not enough goss" 
"Great site - because she's worth it"
Thank you to Jayne for this information!!! :)

Tripod Super Member Site - Dec 23-30 '99
Sandra was first introduced to the Web in 1996, when she built her first page for a computer class. The English major so enjoyed writing HTML, she decided to put her knowledge to work by building a site dedicated to her fave actress, Jennifer Aniston. The site's been thriving for almost three years now, thanks to her frequent news updates and generous photo galleries. When Sandra isn't studying, she's either updating her site or (who'da thunk it) watching Friends! 

TV Week (Australian Version)Aug 15-21 1998: