French Grammar Help - Present Tense Verbs

French is not one of the easiest languages to learn, trust me I know. That's why I have put up this page. Not only for that reason, but because I would also like to get my three option units in my French 30 Course :).

Present Tense Verbs-
You can express french verbs in many different ways, much like in the English language. The present tense (présent de l'indicatif) is the type of verb which I will be presenting upon my webpage. The easiest way to conjugate a verb is using a wonderful book called a Bescherelle. This book is a complete guide to conjugating many (1000 +) french verbs. You can buy either a french or english version. I find the english version much easier to use because it lists all of the verbs in the back (index) in english.

Présent de l'indicatif is used for: expressing something that is happening at the present time, or expressing something that will occur or just has occurred

French verbs are identified by their endings (er, ir, re). These are called the infinitive endings. When conjugating verbs, this is the ending of the verb that you drop and replace. When conjugating present tense verbs you do the following and add these endings:

To conjugate verbs with end in er                                                 To conjugate verbs which end in ir
Person Singular Person Plural Person Singular Person Plural
je  add an e nous add ons je  add is nous  add issons
tu  add es vous add ez tu  add is vous  add issez
il/elle  add an e ils/elles add ent il/elle  add it ils/elles add issent

Here are a few examples using verbs:
Verb: Parler Verb: Choisir
je parle je choisis
tu parles tu choisis
il/elle parle il/elle choisit
nous parlons nous choisissons
vous parlez vous choisissez
ils/elles parlent ils/elles choisissent

As you can see, both of these er and ir used the conjugation I listed in the table above. These exact answers can also be found in the the Bescherelle. To use the Bescherelle, first find the verb you are looking for in the back of the book. When you have located that verb, it will give you a number of a certain page, where you will find all the conjugations for that certain verb. To find the words I conjugated about you would look in the Présent under the Indicatif.

Here are the some other examples of some not so common verbs ending in er and ir.

Examples of ER verbs which use the same conjugations as listed above:
agiter (to stir)
demander (to ask for, to request)
inventer (to invent)

Examples of IR verbs which use the same conjugations as listed above:
cueiller (to pick, to collect, to gather)
courir (to run)
devoir (to owe)

Understanding french verbs can sometimes be the hardest part of learning french. I know from my experiences that is, but if you work at it slowly, it will become easier. The information I have brought to you is extremely basic. You would have to study the french language in-depth to understand all of rules etc. I'm still a beginner in French, I hope that this has brought you, the viewer some knowledge of just one minor part of the french language. Bonne channce!

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