Ross and Rachel
Factors in Ross and Rachel's relationship that have caused problems or kept them apart: 

* Firstly, Ross being a big chicken in season one and to getting the courage to ask
Rachel out. 
* Barry, Rachel's ex-fiance
* The cat that jumped on Ross' back during TOW the Blackout
* Paolo, Rachel's Italian boy-toy that hit on Phoebe.
* Julie, Ross' ex-girlfriend
* Chandler and Joey's bad advice...many many times!
* The "list"
* Russ, the Ross look alike that Rachel dated
* Rachel's new job
* Ross' jealousy because of Rachel's co-worker Mark
* That copy girl (her name isn't worthy of making it here)
* Bonnie, the girl Rachel balded
* Rachel's long letter
* Emily
* Alcohol

Key Ross and Rachel Songs: 

1. "With or Without You" by U2.
* TOW the List
* TOW Ross and Rachel Take a Break

2. "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak
* TOW Ross and know 

3. "Take a Bow" by Madonna
* TOW Rachel Finds Out

4. "In My Room" originally by the Beach Boys
* TOW the List 

Rachel's Con List About Ross:
* He's whiny
* He's obsessive
* Never seizes the day
* He uses too much gel in her hair

Ross' Con List About Rachel:
* She's spoiled
* A little bit dizzy
* Too into her looks 
* Just a waitress
Joey's add in: Chubby Ankles

Ross' Pro List About Rachel:
* The way she cries at games shows
* How much she loves her friends
* The way she plays with her hair when she's nervous
* How brave she is for starting her life over
* How great she is with Ben