Jennifer Aniston Interview With Matt Lauer on the Today Show Feb 1996

Matt: What would happen Jennifer, if you guys (David Schwimmer and herself) decided that you liked each other a little more than friends, and started to date?

Jennifer: In real life you mean?

Matt: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, that's already happened. I'm kidding. Whoa. No, how would that affect the show? Well interestingly enough we're sort of exploring that on the show.

Matt: America has a collected cruch on Jennifer Aniston, or maybe it just the hair. Ok, so I'm looking at it.

Jennifer: You're scared.

Matt: No, I'm looking at it. Don't get me wrong it's lovely, but it's a haircut.

Jennifer: What's the big deal?

Matt: Yeah.

Jennifer: I don't know. I feel like we're kidding everyone.

Matt: In malls across the country, women are saying "That's the look I want". In reality it's flatering.

Jennifer: It's faltering, you know what, there is defintaly a part of you that asks. "Hmm, why am I getting noticed for my hair and not my work".


Jennifer: Why do they like Rachel? Because she's innocent, and vunerable, and genuine. Those are attractive quailites.

Matt: Courteney Cox said that Jennifer Aniston and Rachel are a bit similar because they can both be distracted.

Jennifer: I'm distracted. I go into my head. Matt always makes fun of me because I go in "the zone"


Jennifer: They've all gotten on the air except one, but they last maybe 6 episodes, 13 episodes, I think the most was 19 episodes, and then they are never heard of. And you think that's sort of sad. But there's a reason for it. Here's my reason.

Matt: Aniston says when she first walked in with her 5 new co-stars the first time, it would be different.

Jennifer: When I first met this actors you just thought "this is a good one, this is a good thing" and "this combination of people, this works really really well and I think that people will like it".